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Tasha Cobb and Nikki Minaj Collab

There is a lot of talk about Tasha Cobb and Nikki Minaj collaborating on the song I’m Getting Ready. Some are quick to welcome this with open arms and others are ready to condemn Tasha Cobb to hell. We all know very well how to use scriptures to support what we feel is right. For every scripture that says Tasha shouldn’t have council with the wicked there is another scripture that says how we are the light of the earth and we are to go out into the world. We can find scripture to back whatever our opinion is regarding this situation, the truth remains that Gods’ will is what is going to be done. Which brings me to this: Trying to assign scripture to support our opinion is a waste of time, an insult to the most high God and a manifestation of the spirit of Religion.

This is why the word was made flesh because it is a true discerner of the intents and hearts of men. (Hebrews 4:12) The Holy Spirit gives men the gift of discernment so we can see the true nature of a thing. So by having discernment we can listen to the song and know right then what’s going on and what we need to do. (If we need to do anything)

Personally I see an attempt being made here on Nikki Minajs’ part. People are asking what are Tasha Cobbs’ fans going to think but the world can be particularly cruel the moment you even think about lifting up the name Jesus. This is a huge step on her part because the lure of the industry she is in is dark and strong. It is very difficult to maintain who you are when you get to a certain level but with Christ all things are possible. Many of the artist don’t have a choice (or don’t think they do) to be who they really are. They are literally slaves to the industry but appearing as if they have it all. My prayer is that she be delivered and healed from the bondage the industry has placed on her mentally and physically and that she be free in Yeshua to be who He created her to be.

I also understand how some people may be concerned about those who like Tasha Cobb as an artist and may be inclined to give Nikki Minaj a try, opening themselves up to things they shouldn’t. The Lord says that, His sheep know His voice and follow Him. (John 10:27) Tasha would have had to hear the Lord tell her to work with Nikki. I am not in a position to say what God did or did not tell her to do. What I am in a position to do is use the discernment that God gave me concerning their song. I am hopeful that Nikki will continue to use her gift and influence for the King and that her heart be flooded with His love!

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