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Oh That Jezebel

Two-faced is a drawing by Photos by Staci Art by Douglas which was uploaded on April 23rd, 2013.

The spirit of Jezebel is quite a sneaky one. It’s easy to see when someone has a demonic spirit when they are unkempt, messy in the way they talk, and when they are obviously manipulative and controlling. Truthfully there isn’t too much deep revelation involved when coming across a person like this because they are just so open with their mess. I have found the spirit of Jezebel has many of these same traits but can be extremely good at concealing them. Her manipulation isn’t as easy to spot in the natural. She doesn’t always appear messy but sometimes very well together. Perhaps the one thing that does give her a way or leads to question is the need to control. The need to control seems to be the one thing that gives her away because it is the driving force behind everything else that she does.

Her needs and wants are the most important. She is self-centered often appearing to care about others but her actions always prove otherwise. When observed you can see how she uses everything around her as resources to push what she wants. There is an unbalance in her life as she spends much more time, money, and attention on herself instead of her family, friends, or church. Yes I said church. She likes the church, she is drawn to it like a moth to a flame because her need once again to control what goes on there. In revelation 2:20 we see how Jezebel calls herself a prophetess but it is not to glorify the kingdom of God but rather seduce people to follow her own selfish agenda.

This is where things get very interesting. She is drawn to the church because she despises the very essence of the bride, I’m referring the church. She cannot stand the love between Jesus and His bride and she especially cannot stand true prophets of the Lord. In 1 Kings Jezebel made it her mission to kill the Lords prophets, as many as she could. She loves leadership, once again this is where the control is. She attaches herself to someone in leadership in the church to gain control or pursues a position in leadership herself.

What blows my mind is these people are not aware she is active in their lives. Jezebel leverages downfalls in her host lives and uses them as a hiding place. Where there is hurt, rejection or where the person has been traumatized she dwells there and uses these things as a blanket to hide in. It’s in these feelings that she begins to infuse her own wicked self into the person’s soul. She is very very patient, she can stay lodge in unresolved issues for many years. This is why it is so very important to deal with hurt and pain in our lives, ignoring it can affect us much more then we think.

Jezebel likes to appear as the bride loving Jesus, prophesying, and using all the right lingo. This spirit can go right into the church and pray and prophesy and sing and so on, with the host totally unaware. There are different degrees in which she is able to operate in a person. For some she only controls certain areas of that person’s life because those are the areas the person doesn’t like or refuses to deal with and in others she is all the way in. Regardless of the level she is able to operate in a person’s life when coming across this spirit we have to seek God on His approach. We also have to examine ourselves and make sure we aren’t giving her a place to dwell. The main way is to make sure we are aligning ourselves with the spirit of God all the way, and identifying any areas of hurt that have gone unaddressed and making sure we don’t have her characteristics of control, manipulation, jealously, selfishness, quick anger and a true dislike for the things of God. If you think this spirit may be operating in your life it is very important to seek the Lord for deliverance. Have those you trust pray for you. This may be a long process depending on how deep her attachment is. She may be lodged in the inner issues or your soul and these things can take a while to get free from. The Lord however is able!! If you want to be free you will be. She is no match for the Lord as we see in 2 Kings 9! She was destroyed by the power of God at the hand of Jehu and she can also be destroyed and prevented from operating in your life. As long as you want to be free you can be.

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