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Raven’s Home . . . Gay undertones?

Raven’s Home the spin off of That’s so Raven is a true Disney hit. Raven captivates her audience with her charm and her wit. The show is one that the whole family can enjoy however there is no ignoring the subtle but more increasingly statement of well gay children and possible gay parents. Tess of course has “the look”. At the moment she is nothing more that a tomboy. However from discerning it looks as though she has to try to remember to act more like a girl. Disney has always been one for surprises so it wouldn’t surprise me if Raven’s son turned out to be gay and Tess really is just a tom boy. As I watch the show I know that it’s coming. In fact the Holy Spirit has told me its time to talk to my child about gay people. My daughter is only five but He told me that the first encounter doesn’t need to come from seeing two gay kids on TV but from her parents. That way when she does see it on TV she is not in the hands of the media as far as understanding what she is seeing is concerned. By the time the cat is out the bag some people will have fallen so in love with the cast  that it won’t matter to them even if it would have mattered before they ever watched the show. Others who missed all the clues will be so shocked they will stop watching it all together. And of course there are those that don’t care one way or another.

So as parents that serve the most high God what are we to do? To watch or not to watch? I am monitoring the show with discernment.  I’m am seeing what the Holy Spirit says. I’ve had to stop watching shows cold turkey before because he instructed me not to watch them, though I have been disappointed at times I do as He says.
We are coming into  great change. Things are changing and this is something everyone has to accept. You don’t have to like it or do what everyone  else is doing but it’s coming. Nothing is going to be the same. . . So now I’m sliding into the prophetic because as I have prayed  God has spoken.  We will see more gay kid shows. And that’s just one way in which things are changing we soon will see certain rights for minor attracted person’s because it will be disrespectful  to call them pedophiles. And also the introduction of those who are not fully human. . . Yes not fully human. They are mixed with non human DNA. For those of you that read up on this kind of thing many scientists and doctors have already admitted to coming across this. But let’s get back to the subject at hand and that’s preparing our children for “the talk” . This used to only refer to sex. . . between a  man and a woman but that is not the case now. What I have to  say may upset many religious people but as I have said many times I am not religious nor do I call myself Christian because of the confusion around Christianity. So let me be clear Jesus is Lord, Christianity is not God. God loves gay people! Read John 3:16.  God so loved the world. . . . The world. . . That none should perish.  Some religious people operate in bondage out of hate and hate gay people. This is not what the word says, it says with love and kindness have I drawn thee. Jeremiah 31:3 We are not to embrace the LGBTQ community as if we too have to suddenly become gay.  We have to love them with the love of the Lord. We have to be rooted in the spirit of the most high God. So we can do as He does.

The word says being gay is an abomination to the Lord. It goes against his very blue print of how He designed our function. Our function lies within our identity which is our sex. Female and Male have been designed to perform certain functions and not doing so makes them dysfunctional.  Sticking with the surface here let’s just look at the basics. Our anatomical design, that we are born with, allows us to reproduce. A man has to have sex with a woman to reproduce. Reproduction ensures that our species continues to survive. We were not designed for men to reproduce with men or women to reproduce with women. We also were designed with a soul that has free will. . . And this I will address in another post. So back to the subject at hand for those of you holding out on talking to your kids about the gay community the time is now. How do you explain this? Well God created humans with their own mind. Humans can choose to  hate, steal, murder, lie and these are our choices to make. It doesn’t make them right, same thing with men or women who want to be with their same sex. It’s that simple. The spirit of the Lord will help you along with this  conversation regarding the specifics concerning your child. Some parents fear the gay rubbing off on their child so they  avoid talking to their children about gays, well the devil avoids nothing. By not talking to your child you leave them at the mercy of the media and that is not a good idea. Talk to your children about the LGBTQ community. If you are not sure what to say ask the Holy Spirit.
As far as the gay rubbing off well this is where prayer comes in, yes prayer and fasting if necessary. Again you would need to seek guidance from God on the specifics regarding your situation but don’t fear your child being gay. The Lord gave us power, love and a sound mind. Gods power can destroy demonic strongholds. And as our country becomes more and more pro gay prayer, fasting , and the anointing of the Holy Spirit  will be the only thing that can come against this perversion of love and win. Remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood but principalities in heavenly places. So avoiding gay people or  hating them is not the answer. Have “the talk” with your child and do as He instructs. Trust in the most high God as His spirit is the most powerful thing in all of existence.

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