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3 Prophetic Dreams: East Coast Tsunami, Florida Underwater

About a year ago I had a feeling that me and family would be moving outside the state of Florida . I knew it wasn’t anytime soon. It felt like it was something that would happen later, within 7 to 10 years. I wasn’t sure why I felt this way . I even priced houses in different  states and told my husband. I didn’t really want to move out of Florida and then decided I wasn’t going to move. The same or next day  I had a dream that me and my family were driving down the street. It looked like it had just stopped raining and it was very windy. It was so windy that I saw a bouncy house blowing down the street. I looked up and saw water pouring out the sky. With in minutes it was like me and my family were in the ocean. We drowned.  When I woke I asked God what did my dream mean. I heard him very clearly say, “Tsunami”.

I wasn’t sure if God was saying a literal tsunami or something affecting only my family metaphorically so I asked him one night before I went to sleep for clarification. I asked if It was a literal tsunami to give me another dream about a literal tsunami. That night I had another dream about a literal tsunami. I was at my mothers house  with some of my other family members. Once again the weather began to change rapidly. The wind was picking up speed quickly. I asked my husband to call the weather line to see if we were in a state of emergency. The lady on the other end wasn’t taking him serious. I then took the phone to ask her myself and she was not taking me serious either. Her tone changed for a quick moment but then my phone disconnected. As I looked out the window I saw water gushing down the street. The speed I cannot even put into words. It was extremely fast. We had no where to go. God showed me the traffic and it was gridlocked for as far as I could see. The dream then ended. Maybe about a month later I had another dream about New York.

I went to sleep worshipping the Lord. I was coming down the stairs of a big building with a few other people. When I got outside the building I knew I was in New York. I looked all the way from my right to my left. There were dead bodies all over the place. I saw  all kinds of people even kids. The ground was still wet. I saw a man running. He was so scared he slipped but he got up and kept on running. There were abandoned and wrecked cars everywhere. Then I saw the news. They were showing the fire department and then they showed some type of agent relic that foretold the tsunami happening. I felt this  was very interesting.

I began to share my vision. I have continued to pray for more of my family members  to see for themselves that the tsunami is real. One day I was so trouble that more of my family was not getting this revelation and I prayed for the Lord to send them visions. That very night my niece had a dream a about a tsunami.

There is a tsunami that is coming the east coast of America. God has sent this to many people. He always sends warning before destruction and provides a way out. Many many people will not listen. There is even scientific poof backing up how a tsunami like this is even possible. When the tsunami hits there will be no time to prepare. The waves will be  so high they will blend in with the sky. The water will move so fast and with such force that the strongest tallest buildings will fall. Florida will be underwater.  When praying for this  God has instructed me to pray for mercy and more time. He has also instructed that I win as many souls for the kingdom as possible because a lot of people are going to die. Many people all over the world are warning others. It is time to prepare to leave. For those that lack the resources or the money the Lord is our provider. If we ask him to provide our needs he will. We also should pray for our family and friends that God would move on their hearts and give them their own revelation .

1 thought on “3 Prophetic Dreams: East Coast Tsunami, Florida Underwater

  1. Lynda StarWriter says:

    Hey, as I write, The entire state of Florida is under seige by hurricane Ian. 8 hrs. ago, a tweet showed that tampa bay is dry, the water has been sucked back out to sea, though a storm rages through the panhandle, headed north – a category 4 downgraded to Cat. 1. Isn’t the sign of a tsunami exactly that – the water at shoreline disappears for a time, coming back to engulf untold portions of land? The state issued a tsunami warning but retracted it…I think one is coming. I hope I’m wrong.

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