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Abortion Law in New York glorifies the Spirit Moloch

It is officially legal to kill a baby up until it is born in New York. “Non doctors” have been given authority to do this. I wonder who these non-doctors are. This is a manifestation of the spirit of child sacrifice, Moloch. EVERYTHING that we see is a manifestation of what we don’t see. This law originated in the spirit and is straight from the kingdom of darkness. The spirit of child sacrifice is a demon that is being lifted up in New York City. The fact that this law was passed is proof of that.

In Leviticus 20 God warns the Israelites about sacrificing their kids to Moloch. They were killing their kids in the sanctuary as offerings. So what does Moloch give in return for the blood of the innocent? Wealth. According to CNBC, New York ranks at the top of the world’s wealthiest cities with over 1.1 million households earning over 250k a year. New York also has earned the title abortion capital with 1 and 3 babies aborted, according to the CDC. The abortions are 60% of the births. This means that out of the babies that are born more than half of them are killed.

What are we to do? Pray. Most people don’t believe in this, however prayer is extremely powerful. No matter how ruthless the Israelites got God constantly said if you will humble yourselves and pray I will forgive you and heal your land. Here the Israelites were killing their kids in what was supposed to be a place of worship for God and he was still urging them to repent so he could forgive them. God is forgiving! He wants to forgive! When the sins of a city begin to flood the heavens with the stench of murder of the innocent they are in danger of judgment. We see examples of this all throughout the bible, two very popular examples are seen with Sodom and Gomorrah and with the story of Moses when pharaoh wouldn’t let Gods people go. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire. This reminds me of California actually. The recent fires in California are the worst in their history nearly crippling their economy costing about 400 billion in damages. Pay attention to the laws that are passed and the issues that arise in a city or state. California has the highest number of gay marriages according to the federal tax data. California laws are blurring the lines between sexual identity and forcing homosexuality on those that have different views.

Man can make laws and reject God and those that uphold his truth. It’s their choice to do this however there is a cost to killing innocent babies. God tells us to pray for our leaders! Moses had to go to Pharaoh several times. God had to send plaque after plaque but it was the death of his son that caused pharaoh to free Gods people. Pray for our Nation. Man makes the laws of the land but God is the law of the universe.

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