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Pardon My Stank

Purchase Book   $3.00 Ebook Pardon My Stank is an absolute must-read for anyone who has ever been emotionally drained or held hostage by their emotions!! We all have had hard times in life whether it is divorce, betrayal, loss of our careers, loss of friends or family members, the list goes on. Life can be so hard sometimes. Finding the time to deal with your depression, anger, sadness, bitterness, or jealousy isn’t at the top of the list. When we neglect ourselves, we are at the mercy of our emotions. We become subject to a lifestyle of unnecessary pain, sometimes even defeat. Pardon My Stank explains how raw emotions can affect you spiritually and your every day to day interactions. Most importantly it provides guidance on how to be free from your emotions and live a peaceful life.

Demystify: Life Behind The Veil

Purchase Ebook $3.00 , Purchase Book $10.00 I was drawn to the unusual things in life at a young age. I examined things like space, death, cloning, angels, and other strange phenomena that have been considered as mysterious or controversial. As an adult, the interest in such things only intensified as I experienced things I didn’t understand, some of which were very intimidating and or scary. I was unsure of how God played a role in many of the things I experienced and therefore chose to remain ignorant or avoided them altogether. I’ve experienced spirit walking, seeing in the spirit, prophetic dreams, and other occurrences in which I do not know how to explain I will share some of these experiences in this book. I will show you things God has demystified for me; He will also do the same for you.

Defeating Water Spirits by [Way, L.]

Purchase Ebook $3.00
Purchase Book $16.00 Defeating Water Spirits is a personal testimony about deliverance, and overcoming the many obstacles, one might face when dealing with demonic oppression. It gives a detailed description of the process of identifying what demons are at work in your life and the consequences of coming into this realization in an untimely manner. This book also provides a helpful insight into the nature of incubus, succubus, and marine spirits. It also sheds light on hidden demonic operations. It is a truly inspirational testament of how the love of God is unlimited and able to pull anyone out of what might seem to be a no-win situation.