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Characteristics of the Python Spirit

This spirit is very aggressive. He is protected by other spirits and likes to stay hidden. This is a stubborn spirit and can stay hidden in a person’s life for many years even if they are consistent church goers. This is a religious spirit associated with witchcraft, sexually perverse dreams and is from the marine kingdom. This spirit will try to make a person believe he is gone although he is not. He will hide. Constantly ask the Lord to reveal every hidden thing so that there is nowhere for this spirit to hide! The Lords eyes are in every place!!

Manifestation of Python in someone’s’ life

  • Financial loss.
  • Constant setbacks of almost having breakthrough but then it falls apart.
  • Nightmares/ sexual in nature
  • Sickness in body, pains in body, feeling movement in body, thyroid pain /swelling, feeling like pressure on neck
  • Marital problems
  • Attacks on prayer life and worship. You either won’t want too or there will always be distractions.
  • Tries to influence your thoughts and convince you to perceive things not of the word of God
  • Tumors/fibroids
  • Unexplainable sickness
  • Having a hard time operating in your purpose, things seem to just never work out
  • Feeling like you can’t breathe or you are trapped in your current situation with no way out.

Some of the ways is enters into your life or body

  • Sexual sin
  • Dabbling into the occult
  • Ancestral ties to those who were involved with witchcraft

How to get free from Python

  • Faith you are going to be delivered
  • Aggressive prayers that demand this spirit to stop and decease its working in your life and body.
  • Fasting
  • Determination, no wavering, be consistent with prayers and fasting
  • Worship and Praise, because this causes the Lord to inhabit you and your environment creating an atmosphere that is very un-pleasant and in-habitable for this spirit.
  • Speaking the word of God over your life, your possessions, your body and your situation. Speak what God says you are to have not what this spirit is causing to manifest in your life. Ex. You are healed by the blood even though this spirit may be making you sick in your body.

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