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Disney’s The Owl House: An Invitation to Luciferian Occultism

I want to be a witch just like you.” says Luz to the most powerful witch of the isle, Edna.

Disney is known for making magic. As little kids, we have at one point in our lives enjoyed the family fun that Disney’s brings to the screen. There has always been magic in the midst of Disney’s most favorite classics ranging from Mary Poppins to the Little Mermaid to more recent classics such as Milan and the Princess and the Frog. Disney and magic simply go together. However, one of Disney’s newest additions, The Owl House, takes a much more sinister approach to the Disney magic than its previous more popular Disney classics.
The Owl House is about a girl named Luz, who is a social misfit compared to her classmates, who ends up in a magical city and befriends a witch and her pet. Luz feels like she belongs in this magical land and becomes the witch’s apprentice.
Seems harmless enough, I mean there’s nothing wrong with a little Disney magic, right?
If only that were true. It turns out that witchcraft is very real, and there is nothing innocent about it. The lure of the occult captivates children every day. It’s presented as fun and harmless, but in reality, it introduces children into a world of problems that they are unequipped to handle.
The spirit realm is real, and it is no place for blind explorations. Children that are exposed to the spiritual realm with no protection become a playground for benevolent spirits, aka demons. The protection that children need is the blood of Jesus, not the play play, theatrics that we see on TV or the internet . . . yes, some of that is for show, but some are real. Too many so-called Christians play this game of church. They do not believe in the God they say they serve; they do not believe in spiritual power, nor can they say they have experienced power or the authority of Jesus. . . . FOR REAL. They regurgitate the same ole recycled stories that their grandma told them without any cares if it is true or not. The Owl House is a show that contains the Luciferian spirit, which on the surface conveys independent thought and liberation and beneath the surface communicates rebellion putting children in a perfect position to be manipulated and perverted spiritually.
Luciferian is remerging with a new face. It looks different, but the spirit and tactics are the same. Whether the creators are openly involved in this religion or influenced by this spirit unaware is irrelevant to the influence the show will have on the children that are watching it.
There is nothing wrong with children thinking for themselves; that is not the problem; the problem is the underlying spirit of rebellion and occult practices that are gravely dangerous for our children. Playing with the occult gives evil spirits access to children and puts them in a vulnerable position because most people don’t acknowledge the spiritual realm as real, thus preventing their children from being free from these spirits. These children grow up with all kinds of issues with “no cure” because the “powers that be” renamed the remedy as a myth.

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