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Don’t Rely Solely on “Prophetic Words” for Your Purpose!

listening to God

For most of us who have gotten familiar with the “church” culture, we have all gotten prophesies at one point in our lives. Prophecies are a good thing. God will send prophets in our lives to reiterate things He has told us and even encourage us when it comes to our purpose and destiny for the Kingdom. Sometimes though we get a little too reliant upon prophecies to the point where we are looking for prophets only and not trying to hear God for ourselves. To be clear, I’m not talking about being careful of those witchy woo false prophets. I’m talking about merely relying on the voice of God for yourself and being confident in what he tells you. I have received prophecies from those who are true prophets. They are blessed by God and truly love God and have errored. This is why it’s sooooo important for those who are prophetic to stay connected to God because it is easy to misinterpret what God has said or shown you. For example, let’s say you see in the spirit. When you pray, God shows you a vision. Let’s say the vision is of the person you are praying for; you see their hair falling out. So you prophesy that their hair is going to fall out! (This is a bit silly, but this is just an example)Yes, this is what you are seeing, but one very  crucial step is to listen to what the Holy Spirit says it means, It may not mean their hair is literally going to fall out. If you are thinking too much chances are you may not be able to hear. In fact, your thinking gets in the way when it comes to prophesy; you need to be able to hear God. There are many men and women of God who may have errored in their prophetic word or misinterpreted what they saw in the spirit. This doesn’t mean they are false prophets or damned to hell; it means that they MUST draw near to God and take responsibility for the gift he has given them!
I want to talk a little more about the term “false prophet” I’m going to go to the scriptures. The scriptures define a false prophet in Ezekiel 13:9 as a person that sees false visions and lies. How do you see a false vision? By entertaining familiar spirits (demons) Jeremiah 23:16 says that false prophets make up stuff and tell people things to make them feel good. So although someone might not mean to give a false prophecy, it can happen, but it does not automatically make them a false prophet. Now that I said that let me get back to my main point.
The pastor, prophet, or bishop etc. may prophecy to you, but they also may not prophecy to you. It could be because God hasn’t told them to or maybe God did, and they seconded guess what God said because it didn’t make sense to them. You are responsible for your purpose, and your purpose is not always going to be revealed to everyone. For example, someone prophesied to me that I was to go back and work for an employer that I knew God told me to leave. I remember the day very clearly when I went to God questioning the job I was working for at that time. I told him it doesn’t feel right and that it seems to be taking away from where I needed to be with other things He told me I needed to be doing at that time. He told me I was released. And just in case I didn’t take head to that, which I did, my living situation no longer allowed me to work there anyway. So when I got the prophecy that I was supposed to go back, I was confused. So I went to God, asking questions. Long story short I did not go back; instead, God himself directed me to the job I have now. Literally. I went on my computer when he said, I applied to the job He led me to, and my computer froze! He told me to go pray and try again. I tried again, and in two weeks, I was hired, and the job has been a huge blessing to my family, and I’m able to do the things God has called me to do.
Do not be discouraged if prophets never prophecy to you or if they do prophecy to you and it doesn’t feel right. Honestly, some accurate prophecies won’t feel right but no matter what God will also speak directly to you and tell you what  He wants you to do. His word says, Seek me, and I will direct you in all your ways. (Proverbs 3: 6) God will tell you what you need to know.

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