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“Gender Theory” Taught to Kindergarteners Prompts The Parental Rights In Education Bill, aka Don’t Say Gay Bill

Florida has come under fire from the LGBTQ community because of the “Don’t Say, Gay Bill.” This is not the actual name of the bill but a name; it has been given by those that oppose the bill. The bill states sexual identity and or gender talks about sex should not be taught to children from Kindergarten through 3rd grade. It also states that parents can sue the school if the bill is violated. Among those who oppose the bill is state senator Shervin Jones. He claims the bill marginalizes those of the LGBTQ community, blacks, and immigrants. In the same interview, he says that neither he nor his counterparts are trying to force sex talks on children. However, he fails to explain why sex should be taught to children in those grades. The bill is putting the rights of discussing sex in the hands of parents, not in the school. If he is genuinely against children being taught sex in school, why is he against the bill in the first place? The whole point of the bill is to put boundaries in place for younger children and give parents rights to what their kids are being taught in school.
The Parental Rights In Education Bill has been renamed the Don’t Say Gay bill by its opposers. The Parental Rights In Education Bill and the Don’t Say Gay Bill are two different bills. They couldn’t even smear the bill’s name because parents should have rights! The bill is about protecting little children and parental rights. They had to develop a different name that would better suit the lies and false propaganda that gay children are in danger or being threatened. Many outlandish and exaggerated claims surfaced, such as this bill is trying to force gay people back into the closet or erase them altogether. Again the bill prevents sex from being taught to Kindergartners through 3rd grade. How is not teaching sex to kids, heterosexual or homosexual, hindering or endangering the LGBTQ community? It is not hindering them. In fact, the LGBTQ group is one of the most supported groups, if not the most supported group in the United States. If you simply disagree with them, there is no other group that you risk jail time, losing your business, getting your social media accounts canceled, or losing your job. You don’t have to be degrading. You just have to disagree.
The LGBTQ may have been a community that wanted to be treated equally at one point. However, in recent years, they have taken on such an aggressive “can’t be a pleased attitude” that even those who are not republican or religious fear this group and what might happen to them if they disagree with their lifestyle.
Florida lawmaker, Joe Harding, explains that parents have expressed concerns about “Gender Theory” being taught to their children as young as Kindergarten. He says that the bill does not discriminate against anyone but establishes boundaries and gives parents the right to know what the school teaches their children. He has also addressed that LGBTQ kids are protected by existing laws and the Parental Rights In Education Bill if students are in danger because their parents might harm them if they find out they are gay or part of the LGBTQ community.
Those who don’t want sex, whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual, taught to their children have a right to protect their children. When it comes to the Parental Rights Law In Education, it is not the LGBTQ community that needs protecting but the little children K-3rd grade who are being forced to learn about sexual curriculum that they and their parents disagree with. They are the ones that need to be protected.

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