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Greenleaf A Demonic Portrayal of the Church or The Truth?

Greenleaf at first glance seems to cast the church in a dark light, making it appear as though the church is being attacked and her image tainted. As I watched the show for the first time I felt a sort of eeriness as I saw the characters complex lives unravel. Everything about the church was dark. From the lighting, to the camera angles, even the way some of the characters stood portrayed this church as a scary and an overbearing place. One scene showed the choir sitting in their black robes, as I looked at them they looked like a council of witches. Subliminally, the show is very creepy. The characters weren’t metamorphosing into monsters or anything but there was an unsettledness about the way they spoke and the settle movements that communicated the obscurity of different scenes. Greenleaf definitely captures the evil that operates in many churches today, a truth most Christians don’t want to admit. Perhaps this is offensive to some people that feel the church should be casted in a different light. Despite the dark image that Greenleaf portrays the church in, it capitalizes off this perversion as many people, even church people, watch it religiously.

Unfortunately Greenleaf portrays the truth about some churches all over the world that operate in darkness and in occult practices. These churches operate exclusively as a business, robbing the congregation as they say whatever they need to so people will give money to the church. When they get the money they are not putting any of it into the members of their church or the community. They rely on people being bound by religion so they can continue their business and they shun people away that have the gift of discernment because they don’t want them shedding light on the evil they do in the dark. They might as well be called a form of the satanic church. Although they may not be sacrificing children to Satan they are still serving him none the less as they play with people souls and their lives.

Even though there are churches that operate and serve the agenda of the devil, some unknowingly and knowingly, there are those that operate with the true spirit of God. They serve Him and people in these churches experience God in their lives. So where are the movies about this taking place at the box office? Where are the shows on this? Well some have come out such as: God’s Not Dead, Facing The Giants, War Room, Son Of God, The Bible to name a few. Sadly to say however, Christian people don’t support these movies or shows the way they support so called “worldly entertainment”. Even in other facets of entertainment like, music, books, movies, stores, e.g. the Christian community is not as supportive as they could be. But the moment something is done that portrays the dark side of the church or maybe not a 100% accurate according the Hebrew and Greek translations of this and that doctrine suddenly there is an uproar.

If the show is upsetting to you then a couple of things need to take place. First thing is show with your talent and or gift the move of God with in the church. Then also support others who are doing the same thing. We all have natural gifts like: writing, drawing, painting, entrepreneurship, music, teaching etc. and we also have supernatural gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit like, prophesying, deliverance, wisdom, healing etc. We can use these gifts to show that there is a people that serve God for real but more importantly we must demonstrate this with our lifestyle. There are righteous people in the church. They may not all be at First Baptist Ebenezer Holy Trinity Church of God or call themselves Christians but Jesus (Yeshua ) is their Messiah and they are the salt of the earth. And they are edifying the kingdom of God. So let Hollywood expose the darkness that is in the church but we shall show the power of God that operates not only in the church but all over the world. He that is in us is stronger than he that is in the world.

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