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Jezebels Breeding Jezebels in the Church


The church is supposed to be a place of replenishment. A place where we are replenished and equipped to go into the world and share the gospel and help those who need help. Those who are apart of the body of Christ are to be servants. Too many churches have become a breeding ground for demonic impartation. The Holy Spirit is not present. Therefore the gifts of the spirit are not either. The leaders of the church are more concerned about their conferences and personal vision. Most of the conferences are for a good cause. There is nothing wrong with conferences to empower the people and encourage them in this journey we call life. However, it does become a problem when the desire and vision of the leader take president over what God has instructed them to do concerning the people they are supposed to be covering. We are called to help the body of Christ. Each ministry has its place. When that ministry is not in place, it affects everyone. It is particularly dangerous when the leader is influenced by the Jezebel spirit.
In the Scriptures, we see how Jezebel was mainly concerned about her agenda. (Kings 1) She was a false prophet. Those who are influenced by this spirit typically are prophetic people. Most often, they are incredibly likable and charismatic. People are drawn to them and want to help them or serve them. The relationship you have with a Jezebel will seem very authentic at first. You will feel as though they genuinely care about you. You will see, however, the moment you are no longer able to help them with their vision, they have very little interest in you. Even though they have little interest in you, they will become agitated if you decide to leave their establishment or are no longer accessible to them for their personal use. Jezebels are very intelligent and able to hold their ground very well in any argument or debate often times, making their opponent feel as though they have done something wrong when they haven’t.
In ministry Jezebel appears authentic, some leaders with this spirit are authentic and simply do not realize they are being influenced by this spirit. Their ministry may very well be a place where people experience God and even grow spiritually. With this spirit present in leadership; however, one can only grow so much because this spirit must remain in charge and in control. As those who service this spirit began to feel pressure, trapped, used, or stagnant, they will often try to reason with or inquire if changes can be made to the way things are being done. Depending on the degree the spirit is operating in the leader, their response may vary from aggressive to passive aggressive. If your request allows them to continue their own agenda most times, it will not be a problem. If your request requires a change on their part, then there is a problem. They will appear as though honoring your request but you will never see your request to come into fruition.
For those who look up to the Jezebel leader, they inadvertently receive demonic impartation. They inherit the traits of selfishness, manipulation, perversion, self-exaltation, false prophetic ability, false humility, and the inability to admit when they are wrong without finding someone or something else to blame first. Not only do they receive demonic impartation but they also cause problems in their households. Their homes are out of order. If married to an Ahab, the Jezebel spirit will continue to thrive because the Ahab spirit will not confront it.
Coming to the realization that leadership is under the influence of Jezebel would need to be something that is revealed to you by discernment through the Holy Spirit. If the Lord reveals to you that your leadership is influenced by this spirit, it is essential to get instructions on what you are to do. In scriptures, we see that Jezebel was not willing to repent. She had to be destroyed by Jehu. Some people will have to be destroyed. Others will have to be humbled by God himself, and then there are those who have allowed the Holy Spirit to show them this spirit operating in their lives and have chosen to be delivered from it. We have to make sure that we are not tolerating this spirit because the Lord is very clear we are not to do that. (Revelation 2:20) Tolerating this spirit will cause destruction in your life. Do not allow this spirit to manipulate or control you. Seek God for instruction and free yourselves from the controlling Jezebel Spirit.

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