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Prophetic Word: Pedophilia Legal In The US

I’m going to share a prophetic word concerning the sexual perversion in the US. About 4 years ago I had a prophetic dream. I saw this girl rise to fame. At first she was with her friend, then she had fans. Soon she had left her friend behind and had a lot of fans and paparazzi. She walked towards a big building. In front of the building was a pastor with a gold chain around his neck.    He was blocking them but not forcefully. He was warning them but they weren’t listening. They bypassed him and went into the building where music was playing. The inside looked like a mall or like a flea market. Inside kids were dancing. I saw a young boy and a girl dancing together .They were both Caucasian. The little boy looked about 8 and the girl looked about 17. They both were wearing black and white. The dance they were doing looked like something kids would like and learn fast but required them moving their hands over their private parts in a circle motion. They weren’t touching their private parts, their hands were just over them. In this dream I saw how this particular artist was going to influence sexually explicit behavior among kids and it was going to manifest through dance. I took note of this because I knew it was important.

Also about 2 to 3 month ago I got before the Lord in prayer. I was praying in my heavenly language when I heard the Lord say there was a law that was in the process of being passed that would make pedophilia legal in the US. So immediately I started praying for the law not to be passed and the Lord said that it would be passed because of the sin and desires of the people but the children of God will be protected. For thine is the kingdom of God. I wrote this down in my journal because I knew it was important.

The Holy Spirit told me it was time to share this prophetic word. So I am. I also decided to do my own research to see what rights pedophiles may already have. What I came across was This website seems to promote help for pedophiles but never says what that help is. It explains they want help but only the help that their organization approves of. Being how this organization is composed of pedophiles they need to be very clear and transparent about what type of help they need and want, especially if they want everyone to support it!

The sexual immortality of American is extremely wicked. There is wicked people in high places with power to influence and force laws that suit their desires and agenda. In Genesis 19 God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah when the sexual perversion got so disgusting. The U.S is no exception. Judgement will come but Gods children will be provided with a way out just like Lot was. The Lord protects those who want His protection. No one is forbidden from His Love. They choose to accept him or not.  He has already chosen us.

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