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About L.K. Way

“Everyone deserves second chances. Jesus gives you that, no strings attached.” – L.K. Way

L.K. Way was born in Altus, Oklahoma, in 1982. She was raised in Tampa, Florida, and later moved to Orlando, Florida, where she met her husband, Eliseo Way, and later moved to Winter Haven, Fl. Her passion for writing started when she was just a child. She was first published in High School after winning a contest.
After taking a long pause from writing L.K. Way started her blog Demystify Life Behind The Veil, a blog inspired by her supernatural experiences with God, in 2017 and shortly after her YouTube channel. After about half a year of no traffic, her blog began to generate international traffic from people all over the globe that felt uplifted and hopeful by her revelatory videos and her tender heart for people.
In 2018 she wrote her first book Demystify Life Behind the Veil, inspired by her blog. A year later, she published it along with several other books, including several children’s books that she also illustrated. She then republished her books under her own publishing company, Impel Publishing LLC in 2020.
With no end in sight L.K. Way continues to expand your vision with momentum at an all-time high; she says, ” I have no limits. The only limits I have are the ones I give myself, and I don’t give myself limits.” In the following year, she will be launching her online stores Demystify and House Of Pri. Her love and compassion for people are truly genuine, and through the many gifts that God has blessed her with, she plans to share them with the world forever.