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The movie Venom & Demonic Partnership


Venom on the surface is a very entertaining movie. However it gives way to a very sinister agenda and that is the embracing of demon possession. Carlton Drake , the mad scientist, is determined to mix human and alien creating “the perfect” creature and giving in to the delusion that humans would be better living in space sharing their bodies with aliens. Eddie, an over zealous reporter, accidentally allows himself to be infiltrated by the alien substance in an attempt to save his friend.
Drake gives a speech to his staff where he talks about the story of Abraham. He acknowledges Isaac, Abraham’s son, for being willing to be sacrificed. He goes farther to say that God has abandoned us and that we as humans must fend for ourselves. His way of doing this is becoming one with aliens which he feels is the higher power humans need.
The movie Venom conditions the mind to accept the look of a demonic creature as well as the concept of being possessed. The perversion in this movie is that it tries to make possession seem more like a partnership when it is more like a parasite. In Fact I find it very interesting how Venom takes offense to being called a parasite. A parasite is deadly to the host, just like a demon is. Here we see how the identity and nature of the alien is being questioned and accepted as what the alien prefers instead of what it is.
This is particularly the case when Eddie learns that Venom has an appetite for human flesh. Eating people is inhumane however, Eddie comes to terms with it as long as he is eating the “bad guys”.
As Venom decides to help Eddie save the earth the two become quite the team. Demons and aliens are one in the same however because of the rejection of the scriptures demons have somewhat rebranded themselves as these creatures who could possibly know what’s best for mankind. Make no mistake about it aliens are very much real.
We have to be careful of how the media will try to introduce small levels of  absurdity as a way to slowly mold the minds of the masses to accept twisted ideals or situations. I also find it particularly interesting how the song that comes on when the movie ends or the theme song of the movie says, “knock knock let the devil in”. The song is by rapper Eminem and is titled Venom. This is so obvious no further explanation is needed.
Don’t be fooled by this attempt to make demon possession look beneficial. As those who were once in the occult can tell you there is no partnership. When you are no longer beneficial to them you are dead.

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