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The Plight Of Shades of Grey

When it comes to  religion the shades of grey are debatable. When it comes to God they are not. The shades of grey are all the areas of compromise. I lived in the shades of grey for a long time. I actually believed in God and Jesus but I still watched porn, fornicated, lied when I “needed to” drank and smoked. Christ was not real enough for me to pursue. He wasn’t real to me at all and I didn’t even know that He wasn’t real to me until I started trying to trust Him to help me.

When the consequences of my lifestyle caught up with me I called out to Jesus. I had an eviction notice on my door with three days to be out. With about $300.00 dollars to my name  I had to make it happen. So I asked God for help. I end up finding a $99.00 moves  you in special. They were even telling me I needed to move in asap! I didn’t even have to ask. This experience should have prompted a heart felt change but it didn’t. I moved in and forgot about Him until my next issue.       The shades of grey for me required me to ignore my own thoughts. You really can’t serve two masters. Its hard to live a split life. I never chose Satan but I sided with him often. Every decision that I intentionally made against the life Christ wanted me to live was in agreement with the Devil and I knew this. Every thing I built up I tore it down and I did this over and over again expecting change. . . I guess you could say I was insane.  And yet Christ would still give me peace when I came running back.  I liked His presence but I didn’t know how to stay in it. I went to churches but they didn’t really help. It wasn’t  until I went to an institution based on biblical principle that operated  in the five fold ministry and was introduced to the Holy spirit that things changed for me.The Holy Spirit helped me stay out of the shades of grey permanently. With the Holy spirit  the text book Christ began to appear as real. It took years after being a so called Christian for me to experience this.       The shades of grey is a dead place. Nothing grows there. It may seem like it is but what ever is built up will be tore down, like a dog returning to its own vomit (Proverb 26:11). Businesses, relationships, personal vision any thing that you try to do won’t last because the foundation is unstable.  James 1:8 says “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” This is true. You  have to choose one or the other. And there are many  successful empires built off the blood of others, God won’t be mock whatever a man sows he will reap but that is another story all together. If you want to serve God and actually experience Him working in your life He has to be the only God and He has to be your choice.

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