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To Each His Own God. . .

Where is the proof that Jesus existed? Where is the proof that the earth is a sphere? Where is the proof that when we die, there is an afterlife? Where is the proof? What can be considered proof is truly subjective? When debating Christ, the argument is pointless. One could come across historical documents from historians that were against Christianity admitting Jesus lived and say, How do I know they wrote it? I didn’t see them write it, so you don’t have any proof. Jesus himself could walk in the room, and one could say, Well, I don’t know you’re Jesus. Just because you say you’re Jesus doesn’t mean you’re Jesus. A person could even witness Jesus come out of the womb and still say, Well, just because your mother says you’re Jesus doesn’t mean you’re Jesus. How do I know you’re Jesus? As believers in Jesus, we do not need to be stressed out because of what we can’t prove. We can share the word and our testimonies, but each person gets to choose to believe or not. Even Jesus himself could not perform miracles in certain places because of their disbelief. (Mark 6:5) Revelation comes from the spirit of the Lord, not man. Yes, we are to share the gospel. There is no way to prove anything unless the person is willing to accept the proof. 

Proof that Jesus lived could be the many historians that reference Jesus but were not Christians. Celsus, a 2nd-century Greek philosopher, says Jesus lied about being birthed from a virgin. Tacitus Publius Cornelius, a senator and a historian of the Roman Empire, provides a non-Christian confirmation of the crucifixion of Jesus. Flavius Josephus, a Romano-Jewish historian, references to Jesus, the origins of Christianity and John the Baptist. Could it be that respected historians of that time, who thought Christ was nothing more than a man with radical followers, have all lied about him existing? What would be the point of that? Also, what about the countless testimonies of people being healed in Jesus name.

Perhaps the pastor has much to gain, but what do all the people lying about healing have to gain? How do we explain the miracles millions of people all over the world experience in Jesus’ name? How do we explain the doctors that don’t even believe in Christ being puzzled when deceases vanish and their patient tells them I told the sickness to leave in Jesus’s name? There is proof of this happening all over the world from people who were not even raised as Christians. Why is it that healing and miracles are associated with Christ? Where is the healing from all the other religious deities? A fake would not have miracles still taking place in his name centuries after the so-called fairytale started. Manifestations of his power would not exist only religious traditions. Religious traditions do not cause supernatural experiences.

The religion of Christianity is not for Christ. Religion is used to control, manipulate, and intimidate. It keeps people in bondage and prevents people from seeking God on their own. It is a spiritual operation run by the devil himself. A tare sewn among wheat. Religion, at first glance, blends in very well, but once a person seeks God and begins to hear him for himself and realizes the power of God is real he is able to see the difference between religion and Jesus. Religion is used to prevent people from getting to this point. This is why pastors are molesting children, people are stealing from the church, fornication is acceptable, and the list goes on. The heart of religion is not to help people, so the sin in people’s lives runs ramped, and the demonic entities over that religion or church organization have their way. Religion causes much division and is used to bring confusion and distort the truth and shun those who have the spiritual gifts to discern and see what lies beneath the surface. All men are given gifts of the spirit; some are called to actually operate in that gift to a greater extent than others.

Religion is against the spiritual power of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself was accused of practicing sorcery. Many of the gifts God has given man have been attributed to the occult only. The people of God have power, and since the devil cannot take their power, he causes them to give it away or deceives them or prevents them from knowing about their power altogether. Those in the occult harness the power from their spirit guides or demons. However, the power of God is greater. History does not acknowledge this because, once again, it is a threat.


History is owned by the powers that be. What is put on TV, radio, and history books are regulated and censored, especially the news. People rely on and trust that the news is giving them true and accurate information, but instead, it is used to mislead, distract, and detour people from the truth. Even the biblical timeline has been altered so that it can appear that the story of Horus happened way before Christ, but this is a lie. Much has been added and taken out of the bible, but because Christ is real, the Holy Spirit still brings revelation and power, hence the reason the word was made flesh.

Despite the fact that efforts since before Jesus was born to convince man He is not the son of God, and now that He doesn’t exist at all, people still serve him because he is real. Millions of people all over the globe are not all lying about experiencing Christ. It’s one thing to say I am following rules from my God, and I carry those rules from generation to generation, but it’s another thing altogether to experience that God is real. Believers are not to take on the burden of trying to prove Christ. Share the gospel. We cannot go back and forth with someone to prove Jesus is real. It’s like trying to convince someone that frogs are real. When that same person could see a frog and still be looking for another explanation for what they are looking at. We are to rest in his word and in Him. The time will come when every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. . . until then to each his own God.

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